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Marie-Luise Weng's Book is now Available


Marie-Luise Weng grew up in Germany and worked 33 years as a bank specialist in Stuttgart, Germany. With age 52 she ended up in Hawaii, becoming a minister of the Ecumenical Church of Light (ECOL) Kona, finding her husband and was inspired to write a book about Life’s purpose.

"Going through life and facing quite some challenges I always was asking myself why these things happen to me or for that matter why are all the hardships in the world happening to my fellowmen. A long questioning time which I describe in the book! Later on, finding my teacher Rev. Ralph Jordan and becoming a student of metaphysics for many years helped me to get answers to all these questions.

He taught me to look at my life from a different angle and simply incorporate his teachings in daily life’s expressions with practical tools, and the transformation was unthinkably great for me. 

You’ll find inspiration on how to turn around your so-called challenges in life to make them simply a learning lesson by forgiveness, change of attitude, positive affirmation, love and understanding, equality and more. From there you’ll see the blessings through all of it.

Life is not waiting for the storm to pass ….

It’s learning to dance in the rain."

Life's Purpose is a book about my life and what I learned in 70 years of living and what life is all about. This book is inspirational to:

Those who think life ends after death

Those who believe life goes on some how

Those who know universal laws, life after death, dharma/karma, cause and effect and more.

We all need again and again some inspiration and encouragements!

 Know that you never get more on your plate than you can handle. For each challenge in your own little world or out in the bigger world there is a solution, there is a purpose for it. With flexibility, trust and faith spirit will always guide you for the good. What you need to do is knowing that who you really are is more than who you think you are! Know the spirit in you!

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ISBN: 9798638832810
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Published: Independently Published - May 24th, 2020

Local Kona Author tells her self-discovery story about recognizing the power within