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Store Cats

We think every bookstore should have cats! Kona Stories has adopted 2 cats from the humane society in Kailua-Kona in 2006. Their names were Barnes and Noble! When we moved to Keauhou Shopping Center in 2010 Barnes found a new home where he could go outside and hunt and Noble came with us to the new store.  Along with Noble came Shadow, a feral cat who became part of our family at Mango Ct. in 2007.

Shadow's story began like this:

One day Brenda was working on her computer on the shop's lanai and heard a strange little sound...the sound only new born baby kittens make.  Shadow had given birth to 3 darling babies and since she is a smart mother she brought them to the bookstore for some TLC.  Since Shadow was still very feral and frightened of Joy and me we had to be very careful that we didn't scare her away.  We quarantined the lanai so no one could bother the new little family and after the appropriate 6 weeks the babies went to carefully selected homes.  Shadow went off to the vet to be spayed and vaccinated.  When she returned we weren't sure if she would choose to stay at the bookshop or return to her wild ways...but again Shadow is a smart cat and decided she was destined for a better of fat leisure.  She has been working on her waist line ever since.

Shadow passed away from respitory problems on July 2, 2016. To read more about her amazing life click here.

After Shadow’s death Noble mourned the most.  She walked around crying for her lost sister.  She would look for her in the courtyard and was very sad at night when we closed up the shop and went home.  We were very hesitant to bring in a new kitty friend because Noble is also very territorial and doesn’t accept other animals that come into the store for a visit.  But after weeks of pathetic behavior we started talking about a new kitty. 

ChloeOn a trip into Petco, Brenda spotted an adult female cat from the humane society’s adoption program there.  She talked with the employee about her but really felt that a kitten would be a better choice.  As the week went on she couldn’t get the kitty out of her head and suggested to Joy that they should go down together and take a look again. That was all it took, on August 6, 2016 Chloe came to her new home here at Kona Stories. 

It took several days for us to find the right name for Chloe.  She tried out Fionia and Orlando plus several others before Chloe stuck.  She adapted right away to the plush lifestyle at the bookstore and loves all the attention from the customers during the day.  She even tolerates the pestering from the children pretty well.  Her paperwork says she is 4 years old but she is a kitten at heart and loves to play.  She takes long naps on the wooden train set in the front of the store where she keeps a close eye on what is happening in the courtyard.

Noble and Chloe did not get along at first but now they are buddies and Noble has put to rest her mourning for Shadow.


Helping with the feral cat problem on this island is a big job!  AdvoCats is a non-profit organization that helps spay/neuter the cats.  They also organize volunteers to bring the cat colony’s fresh water and food each day.  Kona Stories financially supports this organization and donations can be dropped off at the bookstore or by purchasing one of the advanced reader’s books.